The Echademy

Where Hip Hop Academics Come To Play

Robie Rowland has developed into one of the top audio recording engineers in the Boston area after coming to Boston to study at the New England Institute of Art (AI). Robie's first published and released album Project was The College Project (Through the eyes of Pupils). Rowland engineered the album in 2009 on behalf of Lyrical (his former AI Instructor) out of his bedroom "studio" in his apartment that he shared with three roommates. Robie produced the majority of the songs on the album and even lent his rapping skills and additional vocals to several tracks on the album as well. 

Soon after the completion of The College Project, he expanded his home recording studio business by moving to a larger apartment with a separate room for recording and another for vocals; this location became so rapidly booked that he began planning the opening of his own commercial studio (Echo) to handle the additional business. 

Rowland has operated Echo successfully since 2009, after opening the studio with two partners, including another talented performer and producer on the album with whom he also attended courses at AI. Rowland is now the principal owner and lead engineer of this dynamic recording studio facility and looks to market and expand the Echo brand constantly.

Robie's vision of Echo is a community building enterprise which connects multiple artists across different genres in a family-like atmosphere. His studio is filled with home-grown art by many different artists adding to the sense of community he tirelessly works to build. Robie is often booked months in advance and hires multiple other talented engineers (and former interns) with his same high standards and ear for detail, which helps to develop the careers of his clients.