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What Is The Echademy?

The Echademy is to scholar-artist-practitioners of Hip Hop culture what The Avengers and The Justice League are to super heroes from Gotham City and Metropolis. A collective of Hip Hop informed scholars and inspired artist-practitioners who perform, produce, publicly speak, educate, and defend the universe from super-villains, The Echademy was created to function as a full-service entertainment management agency—capable of contracting out the individual and collective talents of its esteemed "faculty." The Echademy represents numerous Hip Hop scholar-artist-practitioners, while contracting out its "faculty" with speaking engagements, performances and other opportunities to expand the reach of the brand and "develop" its faculty along the way.

Professor Lyrical, the founder of The Echademy, is an entertainer, educator, and entrepreneur. A celebrated emcee and spoken-word-lyricist, whom Chuck D. of Public Enemy calls "A Rapademic Reacher," he has performed and spoken at well over 100 institutions—half of which have consisted of colleges and universities. Lyrical is also a full-time Associate Professor of Mathematics and the Director of Faculty Development at an HBCU in the nation's capital, and maintains a robust schedule of performances, appearances, and performances as well. The Professor has taught scores of mathematics, music, and event and entertainment management courses at numerous higher education institutions, primarily in the Greater Boston Area. Lyrical's 2016 doctoral dissertation and 2014 Tedx Talk both speak to opening an academy where Hip Hop and STEM (thus STEAM) find common cultural ground. Throughout the early to mid 2000s, Lyrical also functioned as one of Boston's most well-known Hip Hop promoters and event planners, holding residencies at several well known venues throughout the city. He holds a BS in Business Administration (Marketing/Economics), and MS in Mathematics, and a Doctorate of Education, with specialization in Higher Education.

Robie Rowland is a Boston recording studio owner and acclaimed engineer. His studio, Echo, has become a "must visit" for home-grown and out of town touring artists looking to record and experience the family vibe of Echo. Rowland has spoken on panels and appeared at multiple conferences as well; he shares the story of the rise of his Echo brand as well as how he has overcome the odds and tremendous  hurdles in his personal life. His ever-growing roster of highly successful artists he has recorded contributes to the reason the studio is typically booked months in advance. Robie impacts the lives of his clients and constantly looks to develop a welcoming culture within the sanctum of his studio walls and beyond. Rowland is constantly requested and booked to handle loads of engineering jobs needing an incredible ear with an acute sense for the details.

Professor Lyrical and Robie Rowland have worked collaboratively across numerous projects. Lyrical was Rowland's professor at the New England Institute of Art in 2008. The two started working together outside of class recording and producing an album "The College Project (Through The Eyes of Pupils), featuring 25 of Lyrical's actual students across four different institutions he was teaching as an adjunct professor. The album led to Rowland having to move his bedroom studio to a new location to handle the overflow of new business. In a matter of months, Rowland would develop the plans to build a state of the art studio, Echo, which has since recorded scores of artists and produced numerous praiseworthy projects. Currently, Rowland is working on his own album, #TheEchoCollection, featuring some of his latest crop of talented artists.